Spend your summer holiday on the island
and the rest of the archipelago

The archipelago of La Maddalena, situated at the North Eastern part of Sardinia, is composed of 7 main islands (La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Budelli, Razzoli and St. Maria) and at about 60 smaller islands, all of them with most interesting landscapes and natural features. The archipelago, since 15 years a Natural Park, is considered one of the most wonderful and enchanting places in the world because of its breathtaking atmosphere and for its particular location right in the middle of Sardinia and Corsica, known as the Bocche di Bonifacio. Its spectacular waters are among the ten most beautiful diving locations in Italy.

Those seeking tranquillity and relax can choose along the 180 km long coastline of the archipelago from more than 260 beaches among the most famous and evocative of the Mediterranean region, in particular:

  • The Pink Beach of Budelli
  • The beaches of Cala Coticciu and Relitto on Caprera
  • Cala Corsara and Cala Granara at Spargi
  • Cala Santa Maria on Santa Maria

La Maddalena, the main island, is the gateway to the park and the only truly inhabited island throughout the area. It has a charming old town with small shops, restaurants, the famous church Santa Maria Maddalena and a beautiful port which is also the point of arrival and departure of the ferries from Sardinia. From La Maddalena you arrive by car, taking a panoramic road, to the Island of Caprera, also known for being the last domicile of the Italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi who built, on Caprera, the famous "White House", now Home Museum open to the public.

The Island of Santa Maria is almost uninhabited. Only one family lives there all year. There are still the remains of an interesting and ancient monastery where, at medieval times, some Benedictine monks found refuge fleeing from Bonifacio. The beautiful beach, Cala S. Maria, is one of the largest of the Archipelago. In the tranquillity and charm of small, hidden and solitary beaches, Santa Maria is the ideal place for those seeking peace and relax for their holidays in the summer. The most exclusive restaurant in the area, LA CASITTA is located on Santa Maria, where the glamour and the absolute privacy are equally at home. From La Casitta you have a spectacular view on the stretch of water called Porto della Madonna or Manto della Madonna, the place is certainly the most suggestive of the whole park: the emerald-green and turquoise sea framed by the islands Budelli, Razzoli and S. Maria.

The Isle of Razzoli is the most exposed to the north and impresses by the majesty of its cliffs and the particular shape of its rocks. Imposing and evocative is the lighthouse dominating the Bocche di Bonifacio.

Spargi is an island known for the irresistible charm of the beaches on its eastern side.
White sands and emerald water are the main attraction of this island which is a true corner of paradise.
Spargiotto is an islet exposed to the storms and winds of the mistral helding special environmental interest because nesting site of some rare species of seabirds.

Budelli Island, near Santa Maria is known for its spectacular Pink Beach, perhaps the most famous beach of the world, a timeless myth which has become the true symbol of the park.

The rosy shimmering beach, the amazing chromatic scale of the sea colours and the shapes of granite rocks that surround the bay are a truly unique spectacle. A work of art, a masterpiece of nature, to be observed and admired in religious silence.
Today, thanks to the safeguard rules that protect the Park, the Pink Beach is fully preserved and protected.

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